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Here's some articles I've written over the last little while.

The one time it's OK to post your freelancer rates online

Don't block your sales! Trevor talks about when it makes sense to post your freelance prices online.

Starting the new year right.

Trevor's gearing up for a great 2018. Here's what's in store.

Three common podcast host delivery problems and how to fix them

Learn about the three most common issues Trevor hears in the podcasts he produces, and how hosts can fix them.

Freelance Habits: The Good, the Bad and the Improving

Trevor explores his habits and how, for better or worse, they define his freelance practice.

Three habits that will damage your freelance practice

Some habits make your practice better, while others can limit your growth. Focus on these three growth-limiters first.

On my depression

Trevor talks openly about his depression.

The Deep Dive: On mastery, mindgames and doing work that matters

The deep dive in knowledge work forces us not only to do our best work, but also face some hard truths. Trevor talks about his recent experience.

Am I Charging Enough? Three Warning Signs Your Freelance Rates Are Too Low

Are you charging enough as a freelancer? Trevor breaks down some of the common warning signs you might not be earning what you could.

Wrapping up a Freelance Project: Focus Points for Iterative Improvements

Adding these items to your freelance practice could save you time and make your next ones more productive.

Why do you want to freelance anyway?

I share a few reasons why I freelance and help you dig down to your core reasons for building your own freelance practice

3 Essential Freelancer Tactics for Getting Paid in 2018

Getting paid is the most important mechanic in your freelance practice. Use these three tips to start improving your processes.

'Doing the Work' as a Freelancer

Today we talk about freelance practice management at its foundation by answering: what good behaviours make up a freelance practice?

Freelance Practice Problems: When the numbers don't work out

I'm doing some sales forecasting in my freelance practice, and the numbers don't look good. Here's how I'm thinking about it and what I plan to do.

Getting freelance clients the hard way in 2018 and beyond

Freelance market platforms are saturated. How do you break through?

Freelance Labour Day Pledge: looking out for other freelancers in 2018

A Labour Day 2018 special. Trevor talks about how freelancers support each other.

Freelancing Growth for an Army of One: Scaling Options

There are other ways of scaling income in your freelance practice other than hiring. Most freelancers don't even want to hire. Here's what you do instead.


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