If you're looking for help in these areas, then you're in the right place

How to be a successful freelancer

I'll teach you how to run a successful freelance practice that lets you earn the kind of income you want. It's hard work, but the steps are straightforward.

Building high-impact, complex web projects

I help build effective content projects. Whether your project is Drupal, Django, WordPress or a bespoke solution, I can help.

Podcast production

One of my passions is podcasting. I can help you plan your podcast, and then assist with the technical production. I offer fast turnaround and zealous support.

Content Strategy Consulting

Figuring out the right way to make your content connect with your business goals is challenging. I've helped companies implement successful strategies to manage their content lifecycles in a way that drives business.

I sometimes write on my blog. Sometimes, folks like you read it.


On my depression Mar 6

I am depressed.

This latest episode has lasted just over a year. And it's not over yet. I would say that most people haven't even known. I'm still largely functional.

I'm largely functional. An interesting turn of phrase. So many people still marvel...


The one time it's OK to post your freelancer rates online Feb 7

Lots of people have opinions on whether to post your rates online. In many businesses it makes a lot of sense to make your rates available. When comparing products, people want to be able to do that comparison themselves. They compare features, prioritize...


Starting the new year right Jan 2

Hi all, I wanted to give you a quick update and let you know what's happening over the next few months.

Back to freelancing

I'm freelancing for up to 3 days a week. If you have a web project that needs dev talent, PM skills, or would like someone...

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Three podcast promo tips with low effort, high return Jul 27

None of us spend as much time as we should on promoting our podcasts. We're creators! We love getting that content out, and plying our craft in making every second count.

But those with the most successful shows know that promotion is just as important...