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How to be a successful freelancer

I'll teach you how to run a successful freelance practice that lets you earn the kind of income you want. It's hard work, but the steps are straightforward.

Content strategy and Drupal CMS development

I help build effective conent projects. I can work with you on an overall approach and deliver the system you need to be able to execute.

Podcast production

Editorial and production support for podcasters. Fast turnaround and zealous support.

Freelance practice coaching

Direct access and one-on-one dedicated time to talk through the challenges facing your personal freelance practice.

I sometimes write on my blog. Sometimes, folks like you read it.

3 Things to do before you raise your freelance rate Jan 9

Should you increase your rate as a freelancer? Absolutely! We've all been in that situation where we know we've underbid on a project and left money on the table. But it's not something you should do without understanding why you're doing it.


3 Valuable Things to Negotiate for instead of 'Exposure' Jan 2

I've said it a few times here, but exposure kills. The main problem with exposure is that it isn't offered with any specifics in mine, and so it has no value because it's success or failure can't be measured.

The idea behind exposure is closer to...

2017: The year of designing agile freelance practices Jan 1

Since I started freelancing coaching, there's a few common patterns I see regularly. But none of them so common as freelancers who make the mistake of trying to run like a business. A big part of my 2017 is going to focus on removing this pattern in...

Working for a parasite: An Uber driver's tale Dec 1

Just overheard an Uber driver's story.

  • He's working on average 70h/week
  • He's earning about $500/week
  • That's $7.14/hr

He needs to decide between paying rent this month or getting a repair done.

He's already planning for what happens when...

Another way Nov 9

I live in Canada. I've never been happier of that fact than today. I don't want this to be a post about the United States. As Canadians, we get to choose another path.

We are very different from the U.S.. We value different things. What I've learned...