Starting the new year right.

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Hi all, I wanted to give you a quick update and let you know what's happening over the next few months.

Back to freelancing

I'm freelancing for up to 3 days a week. If you have a web project that needs dev talent, PM skills, or would like someone who can do technical sales, I can help with those things. launch.

I completed a big freelance project in November so it threw the launch of iCanCode off schedule. This is the business I'm buildng to teach people coding. The launch will be in late January.

Niagara Podcasters' Network.

We've been building an amazing amount of talent over at NPN, and I'm excited what this year will bring with new shows. I'll be regularly introducing folks involved on the blog, so you can get to know them. Also, look for more live shows, and the 2018 Season of Local Media Matters, our annual fundraiser and live show extravaganza!

OuiShare Radio Network

We're gearing up our production schedule on Ouishare Radio. We share stories about how we collaborate: share assets, ideas, services and anything else. From sharing economy to co-operative businesses and beyond, our shows help illustrate how these changes are improving people's lives.

Intro to Freelancing

I'll be offering my Intro to Freelancing course again, although this year it will run on at least a quarterly basis.

Freelance Foundations Freelancer Lab

The Freelancer Lab will be re-launched this year as an online course. There will be a one weekend intensive online session, followed by five weeks of mentoring and coaching. This includes membership in the Freelance Foundations private community. This is the most comprehensive class of its kind for freelancers, and we've seen really good outcomes on the students we've put through so far.


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