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'Doing the Work' as a Freelancer Jun 18

Why am I not earning a lot of money freelancing? Why isn't my practice working the way I want? Why do I go through these periods of feast or famine? Why aren't my clients paying me? Why do I feel like I'm running around in circles?

In any freelance...

Money get paid

3 Essential Freelancer Tactics for Getting Paid in 2018 Jun 13

It's all about getting paid. It's the reason you're freelancing! I suppose you could be doing this for free because you love the work, but then how would you pay for the things you need, right?

Imagine you're working for a company. (No, bear with...


Why do you want to freelance anyway? Jun 4

In Simon Sinek's Start With Why, he explains why understanding that question informs everything else you do. In any line of work, people are better able to respond to situations in their work when they understand why they're doing a particular thing...


10 Reasons to Love Your Podcast Producer May 29

Of all the roles in podcasting, I think the podcast producer might go the most unnoticed. When they're doing the job well, it's hard to see them. That's because everything just works. Shows essentially run without a hitch.

The producer is in many...


Freelance Habits: The Good, the Bad and the Improving May 25

Say it with me as you read it: Consistent action produces consistent results. We call that habit.

This is the core of any freelance practice, podcast, or coding project. It's the heart of any fitness program, the centre of learning a new skill. Do...

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