Another way

I live in Canada. I've never been happier of that fact than today. I don't want this to be a post about the United States. As Canadians, we get to choose another path.

We are very different from the U.S.. We value different things. What I've learned so much in the last few months and across my career is that if we value something, we must build things that reflect those values. If we wait for others to do those things, then it's always too little, and too late. And sometimes not at all.

We all know that when you do nothing, evil wins. Sometimes the villain gets a victory. Sometimes the bully gets what he wants. Without effort — without the work involved in clearly showing that other way — people will go with what looks like the easy solution, even if that's not where their heart really is.

In "The Road Less Travelled," Frost writes of the two paths. Our task is ever to make sure that second path is visible, so that others might be inspired to take it, and in the journey make it appear a little more travelled. People can't choose the road less travelled if they can't even see it.

Every one of us who has the ability to affect change, who has the opportunity to affect change, has the obligation to affect changes in their community to reflect the society they want. And we all have that ability, whether its impact is small or large. Just like every vote counts, every action matters.

So if you don't like the outcome of the election, what change are you making to show the world what kind of world you want to live in? In the absence of your work, far darker efforts take hold.

Let's do some epic shit, today. And show others the kind of country and the kind of region we want to be. Let's clear that trail. Let's provide another way.