Street driving

Working for a parasite: An Uber driver's tale

Just overheard an Uber driver's story.

  • He's working on average 70h/week
  • He's earning about $500/week
  • That's $7.14/hr

He needs to decide between paying rent this month or getting a repair done.

He's already planning for what happens when automatic cars take over for Uber drivers.

If his car fails, he's out of an income, but he can't earn enough to keep his car in good repair AND live.

When he's gone, Uber will just replace him with another driver. When they're ready, Uber will replace them all with an automated fleet.

We are allowing companies like Uber to create systems that extract value from our communities rather than add to it. We have a name for that kind of organism: parasite.

With the holidays coming up, please keep this in mind as you make travel arrangements.