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Three podcast promo tips with low effort, high return

None of us spend as much time as we should on promoting our podcasts. We're creators! We love getting that content out, and plying our craft in making every second count.

But those with the most successful shows know that promotion is just as important. If people don't know about your show, then they'll never connect. If they never connect, they'll never appreciate the care you take with your show.

I'm just as guilty of this oversight, but as the exec producer at (Niagara Podcasters' Network)['m responsible for overseeing the growth of the entire network, as well as helping build a growth plan for each show.

Here's some things I've been doing lately that have had some success.

Email signature.

Adding a plug to your show in your email signature is a simple way to start getting the word out. It might be old-fashioned, but email still converts at least 3-to-1 over social media. People pay more attention to email, and adding your show link to your signature will help you get noticed. (This applies to social media profiles as well)

Pinned posts.

Make a link to your show your pinned post on Twitter, FB Groups, etc. These posts stand out a bit more and are visually meant to highlight something important to you for others to notice.

Discussion forums

These are still widely used, and when there are topics discussed that relate to your show, you should be chiming in, offering your insight, and providng a link to a related show whenever it's appropriate. This has been getting good results for us on our more interest-specific shows.

Scott Webb