10 Reasons to Love Your Podcast Producer

Of all the roles in podcasting, I think the podcast producer might go the most unnoticed. When they're doing the job well, it's hard to see them. That's because everything just works. Shows essentially run without a hitch.

The producer is in many ways the glue of the show. Moving episodes from one stage of production to the next, it's the producer who manages the handoff. Here's a handful of reasons why I love the producers I work with.

10) Show notes

9) Episode meta tags

8) Scheduling

7) Episode Research

6) Question development

5) Show promotion

4) Finding interesting guests

3) Helping craft deeper arcs through a season

2) Taking editing notes during recording

1) Posting the shows

BONUS) They (usually) enjoy doing all these things!

Thanks to all the podcast producers for the dedication to their shows, and the work they put in that goes under the radar for most people. Remember there are those of us who know and value your contributions.

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