Freelancer First Aid: Get your freelance career on the fast track.

Are you a freelancer? Are you running a business offfering your skills? Maybe you decided to quit your traditional job and go on your own. Maybe your traditional job decided to quit you. Either way, you make the leap … and then what? There's millions of freelancers world wide and you're not alone; they're all going through the same problems and have the same questions.

I need Freelance First Aid

Freelancing is tough and nobody gave you a HOWTO guide when you started. Does your practice feel like this?

Do you struggle to keep enough work in your queue? Do you get that feeling at the end of a project like you've been suckerpunched because you might not get paid? Or maybe you don't know what's next? Are you attracting the right kinds of work, for the right kinds of clients? The kinds of clients who love the value you bring and pay for it willingly?

Freelancing is different. It's neither employment nor business. And yet it's both.

Freelancing combines advantages and trade-offs from both traditional employment and entrepreneurship. As a result, training for either of those things doesn't really apply to freelancing. It's a unique animal. If you treat your practice like a job, then you're going to lose out on the business advantages. If you treat it solely like a business, you're going to find difficulties on the labour side of the spectrum.

You are an army of one, but there is no "basic training" for this cause!

ALT Millions of people across the world have been thrown into freelancing and are expected to just know what to do.

  • What do I charge?
  • How do I find clients?
  • When and how do I invoice?
  • Do I need to track my time?
  • How can I provide a quote if I don't know how much work is there?
  • Why is it dead one month, and then busier than I can handle the next?
  • How can I compete with lower freelancer rates?
  • Why can't I get work on these Freelancer sites?
  • How do I know that I'm good enough to succeed at freelancing?

You're ready for some focused help in fixing the most difficult problems in your freelance practice. But you don't know what to do.

You've got the drive. You put in the hours. But the results aren't there yet. If you just understood how the system works! How freelancing is different from both traditional employment and traditional businesses, and how the training for either of those things doesn't apply to freelancing, then you could work those missing parts and do better. You feel like you've got parts of it, but there's so much you don't know. If you had someone to tell you tweak this little bit here, and that part over there, then you could just get on your way and start doing what's needed to earn what you want.

There is basic freelancer training. There is a manual. There is help. And it's called Freelance First Aid.

What's Covered in Freelance First Aid?

  • An indepth assessment of your freelance practice. I'll work with you to triage your situation and figure out where you need to act first. We measure your current effectiveness in four distinct areas: Income, Activities, Continuous Improvement and Client Delivery, and help identify where you need to focus in order to build the practice you want.
  • Four weeks of mastermind discussions where you discuss the issues in your practice and get working, actionable advice for how to fix the problem. You're joined by a group of motivated, disciplined freelancers just like you who are working to improve their business. Their support, ideas and encouragement will motivate you and help you stay accountable to yourself.
  • Access to a growing library of training materials, templates, process workflows, howtos and more for fixing the problems we uncover in your practice
  • Lifetime membership to a private group for participants only where you can ask questions, get support from me and your classmates.
  • A one-hour coaching session to set your goals post-course and recap where you're at, what you've learned, and your progress so far.

Freelance First Aid will help fix your freelance practice

Even from the first week you'll begin learning the skills you need to effectively manage your freelance practice. Your freelancing

  • Make sure your rate is aligned with your income goals
  • Align your practice so you're spending time on the right things.
  • Help find your ideal client and share your story in a way that connects with them.
  • Learn to compete profitably in diverse environments, from local work to online platforms.

Guaranteed with the "Do the work" guarantee

All these tips, tricks and tactics have already worked for dozens of freelancers. And every single one of them had to do the work in order to make it happen. If you're ready for the kind of freelance practice where you don't have to worry about money anymore, then you can make this work. If you want a freelance practice where you are in complete control of how you're making your income, then you can make this work. And in all those cases, you make it work by being ready to do the work. What we're showing you is where to put that effort, and in what quantities to see the results you expect.

So if you can show that you've done the work during the course and still haven't been able to make it work for you. I'll give you that money back. Gladly. Because then we'll both know that freelancing isn't going to be a good fit for you. And I'd rather you give it your best try and fail than not try and just give up.

Begin your Freelance Recovery with Freelance First aid