Invite Trevor Twining as a guest for your podcast

I like talking about things that matter to me and my audience. Those might be things that your audience likes too. Here's a few of them.

  • I can talk about about how freelancing doesn't have to be precarious work.
  • Freelancers lose about 12% of their income each year to non-payment. But they don't have to.
  • I help people build successful freelance practices.
  • Sales is the foundation of my freelance training.
  • Many people starve their own freelance practices and arent' aware they're doing it!
  • I run Canada's only English language co-operative coworking space.
  • Our coworking space focuses on freelancers.
  • We developed one of the first custom training curriculums for freelancers at our coworking space
  • Our coworking members earn more as freelancers coming to our space
  • I've built a few co-operative businesses, so I know my way around the topic.

If you have a show where any of these three things intersect, I'm sure we have lots to talk about.

You can reach me by email to set up an appointment. I can chat via voice, webcam, on any number of tools.

Sample Guest Intro

Trevor is the host of Freelance Foundations, a podcast dedicated to helping build thriving freelance practices. It's the #1 Show on the OuiShare Radio Network. Each week he provides new and struggling freelancers with practical tips, tools and tactics designed to help them earn more and do the kind of freelance work they enjoy best. He's a veteran freelancer with more than twenty years experience as an independent, and is into his third distinct freelance practice.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you!