LaunchPlan: A hassle-free podcast production process led by Trevor Twining

Problem: Lots of people want to do podcasts, but folks don't know where to start.

Solution: I help you build a brand new podcast, give you starter versions of all the assets you'll need, and work with you to plan your first season and launch a pilot episode.

You'll launch feeling confident that the show you're making finds it's audience, and will meet the goals you've set.

What's included

  • Two full hours of focused instruction time building your show's production process using tested methods from professional and community-operated podcasts.
  • Learn what format your podcast should follow.
  • Discover how to create and maintain an editorial calendar to make sure you stay on message.
  • **A 30 minute recording session walkthrough in-studio ** for 1-on-one coaching for voice technique. (or remote if time/distance makes in-person difficult)
  • Professional production on a pilot episode of your show.
  • One additional half-hour of coaching after the pilot episode to debrief and get you focused on next steps.
  • Finished starter assets for your show. Show artwork, description, intro and outro. You can use these as-is royalty-free or use them as the basis for getting custom assets created.
  • Learn how to get your show on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and the other key services for the best discoverability.
  • Access to an ever-growing library of guides, how-tos, and other time-saving tips, tools, and strategies.

Cost: $499 USD

(Taxes may apply)