Freelance pricing workshops 2018

Learn top strategies for pricing services in your freelance practice.

Coming up with your freelance rates is probably one of the most critical parts of your practice.

It's full of hazards though. Are you charging enough? Are you catching all of the hidden costs of running a practice? Maybe you forgot about vacations. Retirement savings. Equipment costs? There's so many gotchas and the last thing you want to get in your freelance practice is gotten.

As part of our Freelancer Lab, I've been helping freelancers price their services in a way that helps them realize the lifestyle they want to live. In a couple hours, we can work through all the variables needed to make sure you're charging enough.

How much is enough?

  • Enough is the amount you need to live the lifestyle you want.
  • Enough is the amount that lets you focus on delivering your best work.
  • Enough is how much it takes to let you constantly improve your practice.
  • Enough is when you don't have to keep crappy clients.
  • Enough is as much as it takes for you to feel like you're doing the right thing.

Have you had enough with not earning enough?